Calculus - Derivatives (help with finding a geocache)

Hello and thank you for all of this. I'm asking this question because it is a hint to find a geocache. Geocaching is like a huge electronic scavenger hunt, and this cache has a problem associated with it. The cacher is asking to find a solution and that solution will provide the coordinates for where the cache is located. This is the problem:

N 41° 23.(n) W 073° 22.(w)

Given f(x) = x to the 4th/4 - 2x to the second -153x

n = f ' (10)

Given g(x) = 10x to the third + 4x to the second + 6x

w = g ' (2)

I am hoping for the answer, but I do want to understand how the solution came to be as well. I have always enjoyed math, but I don’t think I ever made it this far in to the math curriculum. Thank for your time, you beautiful geniuses.


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