MAT-144 Assignment

Assessment Description Answer directly on the worksheet. This assignment uses a scoring guide. Review the scoring guide on the first tab of the spreadsheet prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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  • The assignment requires the first letters of your first and last name. This is also a very lengthy assignment with several parts and the offered bounty seems low.

  • What would you consider a fair bounty? JW

  • Well, I don't have much experience with Excel, but I can see that this can easily take at least a couple of hours to complete. I would say $80-100 would be a fair bounty. But feel free to offer whatever you are comfortable with.

  • I would be able to do $60. But if you are not familiar with Excel, how can the assignment be completed?

  • I am familiar with excel and can be able to do in $60.

  • @ Bigken; I was just trying to let you know that you may not get a response for the offered bounty. Many users answer questions here, and I am sure you will get a response for a fair bounty.

  • This information is needed: First letter of your first name, Second letter of your first name, First letter of your last name, Second letter of your last name

  • @ Hbh JA WH


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  • Would it be easier for you to login to the portal and fill in everything?

  • Mfh sounds good. Thank you.

  • Sorry, didn't see your first remark, and I don't know to which "portal" you refer. Anyway, the file is attached and there should be no problem - else, let me know.

  • @ Mfh, thank you for your assistance with this. I will be in touch to finalize everything.

The answer is accepted.