Reverse this equation/function (2d to isometric)

I have a function that transforms x and y points on a 2d grid to the equivalent x and y on an isometric grid. Are you able to reverse the equation so that when given isometric x,y we end up with 2d coordinates?

Here's the function in psuedo code

var tileWidth = 128 var tileHeight = 128 var isoWidth = tileWidth / 2 var isoHeight = tileHeight / 2 var isoXOffset = isoWidth / 2 var isoYOffset = 0 2dtoIso(x, y){ var origin2dX = x * tileWidth var origin2dY = y * tileHeight var originIsoX = origin2dX / 2 + y * -1 * isoHeight + isoXOffset var originIsoY = origin2dY / 4 + (x / 2) * isoHeight + isoYOffset return (originIsoX,originIsoY) }

Thanks for trying. I'm stumped :)

  • Some crucial information seems to be missing. What the number 128 represent? what are the variables you have defined represent?

  • Also given that this is a non-standard question, it may take a while for someone to figure it out. So I would say the offered bounty is low.

  • It's used to draw isometric tiles on a screen so the 128 is pixels which is the width of a tile. Thanks for the comments. Out of interest why would it take a while to figure out? I personally don't know how to re-arrange something like this but I assumed it would be easy for somebody who knows the rules of algebra

  • I noticed isoWidth is unused. I assume you meant to use it instead of isoHeight on the 3rd line in the function definition.


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