3 Point Bell Curve?

Let me preface with outside of algebra and basic geometry my math skills are questionable at best, so it's very possible that this is a crazy question.

I'm a trader in the stock market. I have a data set of 3 points, probability of success, return on investment and # of times a trade needed to be defended/rolled etc. Is there an equation or is it possible to plot these on something like a bell curve that will show the statistically best trade? Highest probability of success, highest roi, lowest number of rolls.

Thank you in advance!

  • Your question is a bit vague. Could you please elaborate on the 3 kind of data you have?

  • The three are Probability of Success (ex, 80%) Return on Investment (ex, 10%) # of Average Rolls (ex, 2)

  • Thanks. Could you please clarify what you mean by average rolls? What does the number represent?

  • The average number of times a trade that is based off the Prob and ROI will need to be defended. The average is over a year.