Number of Arrangements for a School Photo with Constraints on Teacher Placement

1. A schoolhas 11 teachers: 6 Math/Science teachers, 4 Humanities teachers, and 1 Phys-ed
teacher. They are arranging themselves in a row for a year-end photo.

a. Determine how many ways the teachers can be arranged for the photo if the Phys-ed
teacher stands in the middle, and two Math/Science teachers cannot stand next to each
other. Show your work. 

b. Determine how many ways the teachers can be arranged for the photo if the
Humanities teachers want to all stand together. Show your work.

  • Savionf Savionf

    Very low bounty! Answering this question would take about 20 minutes. An offer of $2 means that you are expecting an expert to work for half the minimum wage!

    • It’s even less than that as the website gets 20% of it! And minimum wage is higher in other states. Unfortunately, this user wants to do all his questions for very cheap.

  • Erdos Erdos

    You should offer at least $10 for this kind of questions.


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Erdos Erdos
  • Erdos Erdos

    I was hesitant to accept the question, but since you are a new member I decide to answer :) Please offer higher bounties for your future posts, otherwise your questions make not get answered.

The answer is accepted.
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