Algorithm for printing @ symbols

Consider this algorithm for printing @ symbols in a particular pattern.

While n is less than or equal to 10:

print n @ symbols
go to next line
n = n + 1

i.Show what is displayed as a result of this algorithm when n has an initial value of 4.
ii.How many @ symbols are printed in total when n has an initial value of 4?

b.Write down an expression that gives the total number of @ symbols that are printed by this algorithm for any value of n. Hint: consider the number of @ symbols if n = 1, and then subtract the number of @ symbols that are missing if n > 1 

c.If printing an @ symbol is considered to be a step, write down the Big O notation for this algorithm. Explain your answer. 

  • I think c. is ambiguous. I would say it's O(1), since the number of @ symbols you can print is bounded, but I can see the argument for O(n^2).

  • Awesome, really appreciate your help Alessandro, hope you have a great new year!


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