Obtaining the absolute velocity of a moving train based on angle of raindrops with respect to vertical axis

The problem is in the files attached.

I have been given the coordinates of the raindrops both start and end.
My question is how do I obtain the angle, and after that how do I arrange the equation to get Vtrain.


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  • Thank you Philip, is ThetaWind always 30 degrees? I still dont quite get how to obtain the angle from the coordinates I was given. However everything you explained makes sense now.

  • In general ThetaWind may not be 30 degrees, but in your problem it is assumed to be 30 degrees.

  • Oh okay, so if I understand the assignment the first step in finding Vtrain should be to find the angle of the raindrop vectors using the coordinates that I was given? Should I do that using the slope?

  • Yes.

  • Great, thank you for the help Philip :),

  • Sorry for asking again Philip, but how would I obtain Vtrain with respect to a fixed refrence, so the absolute velocity of the train?

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