Give number of possibilities which can make 15 in plus of 2 numbers. you can also use decimal to make 15 . fx 10+5,9.5+14.5,3.46+11.54.

Hi, this question came from my mind.

1 Answer

It is the same as the number of possible ways of choosing a number between $0$ and $1500/2$, i.e. 

\[{751 \choose 1}=751.\]
After you have chosen a number $A$ between 0 and 750 you will have

Note that we are counting $15=3+12$ and $15=12+3$ only once. If you consider them different, then the number of possible ways will be 

\[2\times 751 -1=1501,\]
as $15=7.5+7.5$ should be counted only once.

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