Comparing three different measures' performance within a model?

I'm comparing how well three different measures of one construct perform within the model I use for my research. Within the model, the construct I am investigating is a moderator variable. The model is comprised of two predictors, two mediators, and one outcome variable, with the moderator affecting the predictor -> mediator path.

Two of the three measures have subscales that I'd also be interested in investigating.

What is the best way to analyze this? I want to preserve as much power as possible and be computationally efficient as I'm working in R.

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    • Thanks for the comment! I'm new here and was not familiar with the bounty system. Adjusting now.

  • Based on your description, it seems like you have a moderated mediation model. One possible approach to analyze this would be to conduct a series of multiple group analyses, where you compare the fit of the model using each of the three measures of the moderator variable.

    • Specifically, you would create three groups in your data set, with each group representing a different measure of the moderator variable. You would then fit your moderated mediation model separately to each group and compare the fit statistics. I am not sure how much detailed response you are looking for, so I did not reserve your question, but I hope this will help you.

  • @Kav10, yes, exactly! Moderated mediation is what I figured as well but wasn't too sure about how to compare the measures. Might it also make sense to run an SEM with the moderator as a latent construct comprised of all items of each measure and see which items/measure performs best? I like the comparing group suggestion though--that is one that hasn't been suggested and I'll look more into.

    • Running an SEM with the moderator as a latent variable ... works too but the use of statistical models also depends on the actual research question you are trying to answer. I would say, try my idea first and then construct the SEM. Let me know if my ideas were helpful.

  • Will do. Is there a way you can still collect the bounty for this question? I'm open to other ideas that users might have but your response was very helpful.

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