Best way to express: ratio of rates with different time values

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  • Your 100 and 400 dollar statement is confusing, and it is not justified also! If guy A works 2 hours per day then weekly average of 100 makes sense.

  • the dollar values are non important, i know it doesn't make REALWORLD sense that they get paid that. you can use whatever figures you think is justified. Its just whatever those 2 values are for guy a and b, in the form of cents/sec RELATIVE to the value of 5cents/sec.

  • Determine rate X such that Guy1's total income matches Guy4's total income. 18000 + (6)(365)(X) = 1000000 18000 + 2190X = 1000000 Solve for X (1) Subtract 18000 from both sides (2) Divide both sides by 2190 X = (1000000 - 18000) / 2190 X = $448.401826 per hour (rounded) In other words, Guy1 would need to earn about 12.45561 pennies per second from working on hobbies 6 hours every day, in order for his total annual income to match Guy4's $1,000,000. need to determine the rate of diff task.

  • How about if somone works only one hour a year and makes $10,000? Do you consider this an efficient use of time?

  • It is not clear what you are exaxtly looking for.

  • I will try to explain in terms of mmorpg video game logic. doing certain tasks take x amount of time, and bring x amount of reward. this translate in a rate. Think of a forum post - a guide - "farming these monsters you earn 80,000 gold pieces per hour. If that doesn't align with what your capable of doing, and money is your main intent, you will look for a different guide or method that does suit your needs. The primary point being...

  • That throughout the year, you partake in many different task, that bring in different rates of gold pieces/hour. Some task you engage in more frequently, some, as you say, can be 10,000/ 1 hour. Either way, that 1 occurance translates into a rate of gp/sec. 10,000 in 1 hour is a rate of 27 cents/second, well over what is needed to make 1m per year. But say the frequency happens once a year. out of 2920 possible hours, only 1/2920 was over the 1m/y rate. (27cents/s)

  • How do I use this figure to alter/compare to my ever-changing "averaged" task rate, which acts like a 'score' of comprised instances of a task. In other words, how do i average different rates, made of different denominators of a time (seconds). My thinking is to convert it into a fraction, or cancel out the time aspect as to obtain a figure that represents this with a 1-dimensional "score" figure, not the 2-d (gold pieces/ sec)

  • Still not clear. Forget about the averages. What is your major goal here? What are you looking to accomplish if you want to summarize it in 2-3 sentences?

  • I want to time myself doing various tasks, Using the most rudimentary methods and tools, and multiply that by the rate my current employer pays me. I then want to add a tool that Will lower the amount of time it takes to do the very same task. However much time is saved should be converted once again into a monetary value, 'given to the tool'. Seeking to maximize the frequency of whatever task brings the highest rate of return per second, I need to rank tasks to prioritize.

  • This video may help. I want to give stats to tools based off how much time they save as compared to the crude alternative. But also, as I do task, track how much I am theoretically earning by doing it. Its a real life video game, where certain tasks contribute to the score, which Is/am calling: a persons "worth per second"


  • The video did not help. In fact, I am now more lost than before.

  • posed question in a more clear manner here.